The endocrine program enables the body to sustain a condition of equilibrium or equilibrium. It does so by triggering adjustments in the ordinary mobile functions, processes and rhythms so they function in harmony. Songs is the organized rhythmic harmonic appears that creatures consciously make. They understand it, appreciate it and react to it. On the strength of these truths, the endocrine program is the audio of the body. And the orchestra plays on.

The endocrine program is a symphony of glands and the hormones that make and release into the bloodstream. The orchestra is the sum whole of the things to do of the endocrine program and the cells, tissues and organs it effects. And the orchestra plays on.

The theater is the body – with its skeletal frame – and partitions and roof of pores and skin, muscle mass, sinews, and other connective tissue in amongst. The price tag of admission is start. The general performance is continuous and non-halt – for the orchestra plays on.

The players on devices are the endocrine glands them selves. Their audio is the hormones they secrete. The maestro of this organic orchestra is the hypothalamus of the brain. Its numerous receptors are the ears sensing the musical circulation. Its lots of transmitted electrical and hormonal cues manage the creation and release of hormones by the glands a great deal like the actions of the conductor direct the steps of the players on devices. The hormones in turn evoke responses by the cells, tissues, and organs a great deal like audio induces psychological responses in its listeners. And the orchestra plays on.

Endocrine glands also react to circumstances within just the body a great deal like players on devices react to circumstances within just the theater. It may possibly be applause, lack of it, lighting, temperature, etc. Good circumstances heighten the general performance and adverse circumstances could possibly dampen it. Equivalent circumstances in the body which disturb the body&#39s equilibrium lead to improvements in the secretion of hormones impacted by those circumstances. Some illustrations are an abnormal blood sugar stage, pregnancy, fluid deficiency, mineral imbalance, etc.

The viewers of this symphony is the cells, tissues and organs of the body that react to the hormones. The psychological responses of the viewers are the improvements in the bodily functions and processes in response to the hormones. The ears of the viewers which govern the discrimination and appreciation of the overtones and harmonics of the symphony are the receptors on the cells and tissues. For it is the stimulation of those receptors by the hormones which evoke organic responses a great deal like the audio of an orchestra provokes psychological responses in its listeners. And the orchestra plays on.

The metaphor ends however with the realization that we do not very carefully make or orchestrate the audio of our nonstop silent organic symphony. Neither do we consciously support it or sustain it. But yet, the orchestra plays on.

Source by Victor E. Battles, MD