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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2017 Begins Today!

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is one of the most celebrated boat shows in the world, and it is right here in South Florida running today through Sunday, November 1-5th. Fort Lauderdale, well known as the “Yachting Capital of the World,” is hosting its 58th annual International Boat Show with a prime-time preview starting today and general admission… Source...

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Park Grove Developers Host ‘Evolution of Coconut Grove’ Lunch & Learn Panel

Terra Group and Related Group, the co-developers of Coconut Grove’s newest ultra-luxury bayfront condo project along South Bayshore Drive, Park Grove, hosted an informative lunch and learn panel on Wednesday afternoon at the Park Grove sales center regarding the evolution of Coconut Grove. This event focused on the renaissance of Coconut Grove which is… Source...

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Silver Wedding Rings

The Meaning of the Silver Wedding Ring Silver wedding bands are really popular in the world we live in today. Along with gold and white gold, silver tops the list of most popular precious metals used to make wedding rings all across the globe. But, where did the wedding ring originate? And what is the meaning behind this precious metal that holds the key to so many hearts? By tradition, the brides ring was silver while, and the grooms’ would be gold. But, today almost any type of metal may be used for the wedding ring of both the groom and the bride. Silver wedding bands are traditionally placed on the left hand and on the ring finger. The reason for this placement on the hand goes back many years as far as medieval times. The wedding band is placed on the ring finger because of the belief that a vein in that finger runs directly to the heart, making the wedding ring a symbol of love and commitment. The silver wedding ring symbolizes eternal love between two people, it is considered to be one of the most romantic of precious metals, and is often combined with diamonds. These beautiful rings make the perfect gift for anniversary, engagement, and of course, make the perfect wedding bands. Silver Wedding Rings and Where to Buy Them Every fine jewelry store across...

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Where Can Luxury Lingerie Be Found?

It is believed that people first began using underwear for functional reasons. For men, it helped to hold the genitalia in place and prevent some types of injuries. For women, it contributed to female hygiene by providing items to hold absorbent materials that caught menstrual blood and prevented it staining their outer clothing. This helped to prevent many beautiful garments being ruined. For a time, the ideal female shape was considered to be a large bosom, a waist that was eighteen inches or less around, and large hips. Because it was virtually impossible to achieve this shape naturally, women began to wear corsets that used bone or metal stays to support the breasts while constricting the waist forcefully through a series of laces. In other regions, young girls were required to bind their chests to inhibit the growth of their breasts and give them a more androgynous shape. Corsets have seen a re-emergence in recent years. However, they lost favor for a long period of time because it was determined that they were the direct cause of many miscarriages as well as causing serious permanent damage to the internal organs of women who wore them for extended periods of time. Around the mid-twentieth century, women used girdles to help push up the breasts and flatten their tummies. These articles were not as cruelly confining as the corset, but helped...

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